Our company is all about creating win-win situations in the New Jersey release estate space.

Why We're Different

You can watch any one of our testimonial videos or read our Google reviews to see the positive experiences that we’ve had with our customers. But what makes us truly different?

The truth is that the real estate industry has never been more crowded than it is right now. I feel like every day I see another ad for a get rich quick scheme in real estate. 

Now, more than ever, the industry is littered with people with no experience looking to get rich at all costs.

This is not how our company is…

We know that behind every single house sale is a story. 

We craft our offers by listening to your story and your exact needs. We believe in only creating win-win situations. 

And sometimes our company isn’t the best option for you. When this is the case, we tell you.

Most new real estate wholesalers and investors don’t take the time to listen to your needs to see if they would be a good fit or not. They only care about how much money they can possibly make for as little effort as possible.

Whether you’re selling a house because of a divorce, you inherited the home, the property needs repairs, or you just want to get out there… we establish how and if we can help.

We have been in this business for decades through every economic turn, banking changes, and real estate booms that you could imagine. 

Because we’ve done this so many times, we know what it takes. Don’t fall for selling your home to someone with no experience which will only lead you down a path of headaches. 

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We Buy Houses

We buy houses in any condition in New Jersey.

Personal Touch

We work closely with our sellers directly.

We Buy As-Is

All of our homes are purchased as is with no repairs needed.

We're Here To Help

We are here to answer any questions that you may have about selling your property. We're experts in all things real estate in the state of New Jersey and have a tremendous team of people.

New Jersey release estate team

Skip The Headaches

Forget the headaches that come with listing a property for sale, waiting for it to sell, making the repairs, and managing buyer expectations. Get a fair cash offer today. 

Our Happy Customers

Join the countless others who we have helped sell their homes quickly.

“Quick Home Buyers NJ was great to work with. They communicated everything with me and helped me get a quick, fair offer on my house. I finally left New Jersey without my burden property! Thanks, Phil!”

KOURTNEY Millville, NJ

Millville, NJ


“My siblings and I inherited a house together. Having to keep up with taxes between the family and was a tremendous burden. Phil helped us turn our inherited headache into cash during these tough times.”

TE’ARRA Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ